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Beyond Lipstick is an ongoing participatory exploration of queer femme-ininity that investigates fashion, identity and self-expression in queer femmes.     

- Provide visual representation of femmes in the virtual landscape of queer media
- Represent the multitude of femme expression in the LGBTQIA2S community
- Challenge misogyny as it presents itself within the queer community by privileging masculinity as the visual marker of an authentic experience of queer identity in women or feminine spectrum queers
- Explore concepts of femme in/visibility and ideas of what it looks like to be queer

Participants are invited to send in photographic self-portraits and answer three questions: What is your definition of femme? Do you represent your sexuality through your clothing? If yes, how? If no, why not? How do you identify another femme? The responses reveal dynamic and articulated concepts of identity. Femme emerges as a fluid and highly personal expression of the self – each femme is individual, each expression equal and connected to one another. There is no essential femme experience – each must be respected on its own.
This index is meant to represent some expressions of queer femme-ininity. Femme is multi-dimensional and complex. Femme is not restricted to people of a certain gender, sexual orientation, class, ability or race. There are as many ways to be femme as there are femmes.

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Participation is welcome from all those who identify as femme. More submissions allow the project to grow and portray a more diverse, inclusive representation of the queer femme experience –

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